Metablend RK by Creations Garden


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Product Description

Metablend RK by Creations Garden with Raspberry Ketone, Acai, Goji, Mangosteen, Aloe Vera and CoQ10

Speeds up the Processing of Fat • Boosts Energy & Stamina • Potent Antioxidants • Supports the Immune System
This all-natural proprietary blend contains Raspberry Ketones which enhances the body’s natural fat-busting methods. The natural enzymes of Raspberry Ketones help to raise the level of Adiponectin, the hormone that increases the body’s ability to burn fat. The more Adiponectin, the faster weight loss happens. Metablend RK also contains Acai Berry which helps to provide natural energy support and is extremely rich in antioxidants, amino acids, & essential fatty acids. CoQ10 is found naturally in the body and helps convert food into energy. Mangosteen is rich in powerful antioxidants to help strengthen the immune system. Goji Berries are one of the most nutritionally beneficial foods, providing about 20 different vitamins & minerals in addition to its antioxidant qualities. This great tasting formula is designed to promote healthy weight loss while helping to keep your body functioning at its best.
Directions: Shake Well Before Each Use. Refrigerate After Opening.
To make (1) serving of ready to drink liquid: Mix 1 ounce (30 mL) of Metablend RK with 8-12 oz of water diluted to taste and mix thoroughly.
For Best Results: Take 1 serving of ready to drink liquid 20 minutes before each meal, two or three times daily or as directed by your health care provider


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